first aid basic training

You will receive a qualified basic training in first aid in this course offer. You get simple and practical advice on how to help people in emergency situations; important not only in the area of family and leisure, but also for drivers license applicants, company helpers and trainers!

Topics are (in part):

  •      emergency call
  •      Her-pulmonary resuscitation
  •      unconsciousness
  •      Wound Care / Associations
  •      Dealing with broken bones
  •      burns
  •      Heat / cold injuries
  •      acid burns
  •      poisoning
  •      numerous practical exercises

Suitable u.a. for the driving license classes A, B, C, L, M, T, as well as company helpers according to VBG 109, supervisors, trainers and instructors.

Duration: 9 lessons
Course costs: 40, - €

The first aid course is free of charge once a year. Please bring your completly filled voucher to the course
>> Download the annual voucher

For course participants who complete the course on behalf of their employer or a club, the course costs can be borne entirely by the responsible accident insurance institution (Berufsgenossenschaft / Unfallkasse). Please get entouch your employer bevor application.