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first aid basic training

You will receive a qualified basic training in first aid in this course offer. You get simple and practical advice on how to help people in emergency situations; important not only in the area of family and leisure, but also for drivers license applicants, company helpers and trainers!

Dear participants,

Your health as well as the health of our employees is our upmost priority. Because of the curremt situation we developed measures to protect course participants and trainers as good as possible while enabling the practical relevance of the course.

As the future development of the pandemic as well as the countermeasures taken by federal and state government, can not be predicted, a cancellation of here mentioned dates on short notice is possible.

  • limited number of participants
  • sufficient safety distance
  • large and constantly ventilated classroom
  • disposable gloves for each participant
  • practical exercises always with the same partner (will be documented!)
  • training tools will be desinfected after each participant
  • for reanimation exercises each particpant will get its own training mask

Due to current hygiene regulations the following has to be observed:

  • if you are having acute cold or illness symtpoms or with an acute illness you are not allowed to participate in the course
  • if health authorities ordered home quarantine or other isolation measures, you are disqualified to participate in the course 
  • during the whole course a face covering FFP2-mask has to be worn, which is to be provided by the participant himself

We are constantly observing the situation for you. To enable us to inform you in case of a course cancellation, please leave your phone number and mail adress upon registering for the course.

If you are prevented to participate please inform us urgently under (09131) 62 51 216 or 4zF?u^~CWKlSar0]i3@UV.!EPn]#[pp6x_Kc5F/&1UU8C\zxD=nnN1T.

Topics are (in part):

  •      emergency call
  •      Her-pulmonary resuscitation
  •      unconsciousness
  •      Wound Care / Associations
  •      Dealing with broken bones
  •      burns
  •      Heat / cold injuries
  •      acid burns
  •      poisoning
  •      numerous practical exercises

Suitable u.a. for the driving license classes A, B, C, L, M, T, as well as company helpers according to VBG 109, supervisors, trainers and instructors.

Duration: 9 lessons
Course costs: € 60,00

The first aid course is for ASB-Members free of charge once a year. Please bring your completly filled voucher to the course
>> Download the annual voucher

For course participants who complete the course on behalf of their employer or a club, the course costs can be borne entirely by the responsible accident insurance institution (Berufsgenossenschaft / Unfallkasse). Please get entouch your employer bevor application.